First day of training

Yesterday started my first day of training for my very first triathlon. Jason, David, and I will all be competing in this race to see who really is, as Ted would put it, Superman.  I talked to Owen and Shivella from DRC Sports and we all agreed that I should keep a blog about my training leading up to the race. The race I am running is the Ameliaman Olympic Distance Triathlon on October 17th. If you aren’t already signed up do so, this will be a fun race and if its anything like the Jax Sprint series it will sell out fast. If you can’t do it come out and support.

Yesterday’s training was more or less me trying to shock my body. I am not a strong swimmer and I am barely ever on a bike. To get a little taste of what my body will have to go through I did a little bit of a brick yesterday. I started out with 30 minutes in the pool just to get used to the water and what it’ll take to pull myself through that amount of time. The pool made me a little nervous because I know that the conditions in the ocean will be a lot rougher and anytime I took in water I freaked out. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

After my swim I did a quick session on a stationary bike and on the dreadmill. I only rode 5 miles on this really old stationary bike in UNF’s fitness center. While riding I concentrated on keeping my cadence above 90 revolutions a minute. The ride averaged 21 mph, hopefully I’ll have a bike by the time the race comes around.

After biking I did a quick 1 miler on the treadmill just to experience what it feels like to run after cycling. This wasn’t my only run of the day though. After getting some food and going to a concert I did another 4 miler at about 7:30 pace.

The gear I wore for my workouts were the Inspire mid thigh tight, the Newton Gravity, an Asics core shirt with a Sunny logo, and a pair of Drymax socks.

Stay Tuned for my next update.


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  1. Great job man. I will be competing with you. Good luck on the swim. It will defintely separate the men from the boys!!

  2. Hey, Superman… If u want a training partner, call me! Now that Angie’s done w/ Ironman I’m ready for my next training buddy challenge. 😉

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