Yesterday’s work out

Set our for another day of my tri training yesterday and started it off with a quick 10 miler in between classes during the hottest part of the day. I was in the saddle for 32 min and that includes all the stops I had to make for traffic. I really don’t know what to expect from the bike portion of the race. I can average about 18-19 mph on the bike without proper shoes and without being properly fit for a bike. Currently I wear my running shoes while I cycle so I am only able to push and not pull while spinning. If I can get a pair of cycling shoes I might do decent on this portion.

After cycling I went to class and when i finished I went to the place that runners hat the most……….the pool. I have been trying to hit up the pool 2 times a week just to build up my endurance in the water and become comfortable while swimming. On Tuesday I swam 1000m and thought I was going to die when I finished, Thursday was a little different. I went into Thursday’s swim with the mentality that I was swimming 1000m and I wasn’t going home until I was done. I was able to swim in 100m increments with more ease than I was able to swim 25m when I first started. My breathing is almost at a pattern of every third stroke and I am even getting better at bringing my self up high enough for sighting purposes. If I can keep with it I might be able to get the swim portion down.

After swimming I went to the running store and did an easy 3 miles with a few friends. The running portion should be my bread and butter as long as I am able to do it after cycling. More will come about my training in a few days.

Just in case you read this and are wondering what I am doing, I am running the Ameliaman on October 17th. Anyone who wants to race against me can sign up at



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