My first brick of 2011

Last night I was able to mark down my very first brick workout of the new year. The day started out pretty poorly, I woke up in time for the mile repeat workout I had on the schedule but didn’t go because I had trouble walking down the stairs. I then overslept my scheduled swim. After such a poor start I decided that I would just spin on my trainer after work.
When I got off of work I jumped on the trainer and decided to go for 45 minutes and then try for an easy 2 mile run afterwards. The 45 minute ride was fairly easy and the last minute was spent with me practicing getting out of my shoes before dismount. I immediately ran down stairs and put on my shoes, total transition time about a minute and a half. When I started my run I kept telling myself to relax, I had just run 1:26:23 for my half marathon and my legs were super sore. Relax, relax, relax was all I kept thinking and I hit the mile and turned around. I didn’t check myh split at this time and just kept going. On my second mile I was a little more aggressive. I was fighting the wind but I wanted to make sure I had a quality run. With 4 blocks remaining I started to break down. The last 4 blocks I concentrated on my form and my breathing, upon completion I clicked my watch……..6:04, the first mile being 6:28.
For this being my first brick and one of the very few I have ever done I was ecstatic with the time. I truely believe that if I can improve my cycling and my swim by September I can have a pretty legit time in Augusta.


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