Goodbye Jacksonville

Those of you taking the time to read this probably know that I just recently lost my grandfather, who lived in Ocala. He and my grandmother have had custody of my two younger siblings (9 years old and 15 years old) for the past 4 or 5 years and because of his death I feel I need to move closer in order to make things easier on my grandmother. Wednesday, November 23rd will be my last day, so now is as good a time as any to say farewell. In order to keep things easy I’m dedicating a paragraph to each group I feel I need to say goodbye to. (Co-workers, Bosses, Resolution, Training partners, Coaches, and high school runners)


Guys we’ve all had our ups and downs these past 2 years and I realize I sometimes can be a pain in the ass. Thanks for always putting up with me regardless of what was going on at the time. We’ve all had the moments at work where we’ve thought “whats the point?” But for every one of those we’ve had 100 more that makes us happy to be there. There is no doubt in my mind that the store and its employees will have a lasting impact on the Jacksonville Running Community and I’m happy to say that I’ve got to be a part of that.

Jo, Owen, and Ted

Thanks for bringing me on and letting me be part of the JRC family. Ted-we didn’t always agree on how things should be done but I appreciate you always letting me give input into things and respecting my opinions even though you didn’t have to. I look forward to helping you guys at the Ocala Marathon, so make sure you call me up! Jo and Owen, I feel I’m a better person by simply knowing both of you. Jo- Thanks for being such a good training partner and friend. Owen- Thank you for always pushing me to be better and supporting me in my plight, you are doing a great thing for Jacksonville and when its all said and done I hope your enthusiasm for the sport is able to spread throughout the state.

Training Partners/Fellow Club Members/ Running Family

Without you guys I no doubt would probably weigh 300 lbs. I appreciate every phone call, wall post, and text message that forced me out the door to put in the miles. Thank you for putting up with my off color humor, my repetitive stories, and my complaints about the little things. Make sure you keep putting in the work and enjoying every step.


Thanks to all of you for taking me in and treating me as if I was part of the team. I have the utmost respect for each and everyone of you and hope that I will someday join your ranks in changing peoples lives. I had a rough home life in high school and without my xc family and coaches I think I would be much worse off. So make sure you continue staying positive and keep the kids wanting more, you never know the lasting impact you might have on your runner’s lives.

High School Runner’s

I am no doubt blessed to be able to watch you grow as not only runners but also as people. Continue listening to your coaches, working hard, and chasing your dreams. I will continue to work with DistancePreps with the hope that we will continue to cross each others paths. If any of you need any advice on college or need help figuring out the paperwork feel free to e-mail me at and I will help out to the best of my ability.


Thanks for constantly inviting me out and never judging me on my beliefs. You guys/girls have made me feel better about going to church again. The trip to North Carolina opened my eyes to things and has changed certain aspects of my life. If I’m ever back in Jax on a Tuesday night I hope I’ll still be welcome to attend the service.

To Everyone Else

Its been fun……….

My Future


For those of you wondering I most likely will be going back to work for Sprint until everything gets figured out. I will also be trying to build my Social Marketing business, so if you subscribe to JRC’s e-mail or any of their FB pages and feel I can help someone you know a referral will be appreciated!


I will continue to train for the 1/2 marathon in Ocala on January 22nd. If you haven’t run this race, it’s a definite must. I will also be back up in Jacksonville on February 4th for the Step Up 5k. If you are free that day make sure to come out and support the event, it’s FREE and helps raise money for a good cause.

Thanks again everyone who has made my time in Jacksonville a good one. Ocala is only 2 hours away, so make sure not to be strangers!

Darrin DeTorres


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