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Kreative K’os and OcalaFit

Well trying my hand at business again because apparently a college degree , sales, and managerial experience doesn’t afford someone so much as an interview in Ocala. The only option before me, outside of moving, is to make things happen on my own.

Recent;y I started a web site called The idea behind the web site is to have a central spot in Ocala where residents can go to find out information on local athletic events. Up until a few days ago I was barely averaging 50 page views per day , but seem to have cracked the code when I published a calendar of events via a JPEG on Facebook. Since posting the JPEG as well as posting pics from a local cross country meet, I have seen the numbers increase 10x.


In addition to creating the OcalaFit web site I partnered with my friend Luis to recreate our old business, Kreative K’os. Kreative K’os is a print and promotions company that specializes in web design, business print materials, and t-shirts. Although we are not highly successful as of yet, we seem to be getting in 1-2 decent orders a week.
Kreative K'os


Gutter Cap Web Site and SEO

I am trying to get the higher in search engines by creating pages for distinct cities. I currently have only made a few but am hoping that google and others will start picking up on the key words.




My New Venture

Earlier this month I decided to create a web site called My hopes is to make a one stop shop for Ocala residents who are concerned with health and fitness. Currently I have a blog, a business directory, and an event calendar with many other features in the works. Make sure to check out for all of your Ocala Fitness or Health related needs.


Gutter Cap Florida Web Site

Created this website in a little over 3 hours.

It still needs a little bit of fine tuning but it is amazing some of the stuff that can be done these days!

Success With Social Media

I have been asked many times, “What is my ROI when it comes to social media?” Most of the time I quote statistics from Facebook or Twitter but recently realized I have my own case studies to quote.

In 2010 I interned with DRC Sports, an event management company,  and one of my tasks was to increase social interaction Facebook page in an effort to get more participants. To test the effectiveness I  promoted a race that they (DRC Sports) were putting on with hopes of hitting the 500 person mark. In one week we increased the number of likes by over 100 people and were able to gain 92 (Total of 587!) more participants in this particular race. In terms of $ the 92 people all registered at a cost of $90 per participant which totaled $8,280 in extra revenue brought on by social media. This $8,280 only reflects the money gained in 1 race for a company that puts on 40-45 races a year. The potential in increased revenue for DRC Sports through social media is well into the 6 figure range!

More recently I started working with called, DENTALWORKS USA. The company is a workers compensation claims processor with a national network of dental providers. I was initially brought on to help create a Social Media presence along with develop an e-mail marketing strategy to let the insurance companies know that the company existed and was ready for business. Originally the business planned on launching their services in August but subsequently launched 2 months early due to the outstanding response we got from our first e-mail newsletter. To date DWU is processing claims daily with providers all over the country. In terms of ROI the company was able to launch 2 months early speaks wonders to the benefits of social media.

If you are curious about how to be more successful with your pages or are looking for someone to manage them for you, give me a call at 352-304-3217.

-Darrin DeTorres

Social Media Means Money for Businesses

This is a paper I wrote for my Broadcasting class on the benefits of Social Media for business.

Like the title suggests, there is money to be made and money to be saved for businesses through the use of social media. Social media is a growing sector of the Internet and has over taken porn as the number one activity on the web. defines social media as; any for of online publication or presence that allows users to engage in multi-directional conversations in or around the content of the website.  For a business this is huge, because over half of the country’s households have the Internet, which gives them access to tell multitudes of people what they think or feel about something. A person in Miami can have a bad experience at a store and if they choose to post their story, people in Denver can hear about it within the matter of minutes.

For most of us we see social media and social networking as a way to meet new people and stay in touch with friends. Businesses see social media in a different light. Businesses are online to make friends with the hopes that these people will tell their friends. Some people call this word of mouth marketing. For businesses this is an effective way to reach people without spending much money. Most forms of social media are free to join and easy to use.

There are a bunch of players in the game of social media, but there are a few that stick out more than the rest. The big names include the social networking site, the microblogging site,, and the regular blogging site,  These three sites are widely used by businesses to engage their customers and also promote their business.

Facebook is the biggest name in the social media business. The site has over 500 million users worldwide. Users are able to meet people, share photos, create events, interact with friends and businesses, and basically share every detail of their lives online. Because of everything that Facebook has to offer, people are spending great amounts of time on the site.

Businesses are able to use people’s addiction to Facebook to their benefit. Companies that use Facebook are able to create pages similar to the individuals pages. The pages that are created cost nothing for the businesses and allow them to add friends in order to create awareness.  The features of the site are beneficial because one of the major hassles of business is trying to get people to recognize the brand. By having Facebook businesses are able to save the advertising money for other areas of the business and create that recognition all at the same time.

Once a business adds friends to their page, there is an enormous amount of things that can be done to engage the customer. Through Facebook companies are able to keep their consumers updated on the newest products and latest deals without having to advertise them through the regular forms of media. By using this as a way to get information out, businesses are able to hit their target market directly. Businesses can also use the site to get suggestions from their customers and ask for referral business.

Free tools to promote business are not the only things that Facebook offers. As a way of funding the site, Facebook allows people to advertise on the sidebar of the page. The advertising on the site is great because companies can pick what type of people they want to reach and how much money they want to spend. This way of advertising is better than TV and radio advertising because the business is able to hit the exact person they want without wasting money on uninterested people. Businesses are greatly benefited through the use of this social networking site

Another big name in the social media circle is Twitter is a microblogging site where users have 140 characters of space to post whatever they want. People choose to follow friends they know and businesses they frequent in order to stay up to date with the times. Not all people use Twitter though, from polls in various college classrooms, Twitter is one of the least used forms of social media by students. Businesses, however, use Twitter all of the time.

Twitter, like Facebook, allows companies to keep their customers current with products and deals. Twitter is also a great place to conduct customer service and offer ordering services. Businesses like Best Buy allow their customers to ask questions through Twitter and they have trained staff that will answer the questions as soon as they can.  Another business, Coffeegroundz, in Houston, Texas uses Twitter as a way for customers to place to-go orders. Both companies are great examples of how companies can take a free service made for individuals and use it to interact with customers and ultimately make more money.

The last of the social media giants we will talk about is WordPress is a blogging Web site that allows users to create their own personal page and write in it like a journal. Besides writing, WordPress allows users to upload photos and videos, and also make comments on other blogs.

Businesses can use WordPress as a way to get more into depth about things going on with the company. People on Facebook and Twitter aren’t interested in reading the technical parts of products or the news associated with the businesses and that’s why there are limits to the information that can be posted. With WordPress a company can post all the specs of their new product, how the product works, and who uses their products.

For a basic blog site there is no cost associated with the space. Bigger companies that require more bandwidth and have a higher rate of traffic, however, can pay up to $12,500 a month. Companies who use WordPress usually use it in conjunction with Twitter or Facebook because the blogs aren’t as easy to follow by themselves.

Businesses are able to receive great benefits through the use of social media tools. Most of the tools nowadays can be accessed through mobile phones, which gives the companies a greater chance of interacting with their consumers. TV, newspaper, and radio advertising are still prevalent in the industry, but will probably all suffer as businesses become more technologically literate. If you are in the area of advertising or public relations and have never used these sites, it might be time to pick up the computer or pick a new field of study. The use of social media by businesses will only grow, learn it now or get left behind.

After many battles, most lost, I have decided to turn into a social media and web design company for athletic minded businesses. I am still playing around with a few different options of what I hope to use to create/design websites with so until then I will be forwarding my domain to the blog. For examples of blogs that I maintain just look to the right———————–>