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Creating a simple RSS based Android Application

I was recently going through one of my favorite social media sites,, and I came across an easy way to make mobile applications for Android phones and iPhones. The web site is called AppMaker and it allows you to make free applications using RSS feeds. In this article I hope to show how easy it is to make an mobile app and will be doing so for this wordpress blog.

Step 1– Sign up for an account. If you need help doing this consider e-mailing me because this is the most simple step.

Step 2– From the AppMakr Dashboard find the Create New App and lets get started

Step 3– Choose the platform you are wanting to build the App for. For Tutorial purposes I am creating one for Google’s Android platform.

Step 4– If your site has an RSS feed just enter the URL, click Create App, and let the AppMakr works its magic.

Step 5- Choose a picture for both the App Icon and the loading screen. You can upload them yourself or can choose the ones that are automatically pulled from the site.

Step 6- After choosing your pictures click save then click the “tabs” tab. Here we will load URL’s that will be displayed as news for the application. For this tutorials purpose I used my twitter feed and separated the categories in my wordpress. There are other things you can add but I’m trying to keep it simple.

Step 7- Make sure you save your progress then click the App Info tab and enter the information provided.

Step 8- Again, save your progress and then click the publish tab. After pressing publish you all you need to do is press build app and wait.

Step 9- After pressing “Build App” and waiting a few minutes refresh the page and an option to e-mail yourself the final product should show up. E-mail it to yourself and enjoy.

In theory the e-mail link should allow anyone who has Android to download the application. If you want to publish it to the Market Place for Android, you’ll need to sign up for a developer account and pay a $25 registration fee. For tutorials sake I will stay away from the market place, if you want to download the app it can be found by click HERE. You can also just type inĀ your web browser on your mobile phone.

If you want help building your own Android App and can’t figure it out feel free to e-mail me at to discuss what you are looking for and to receive a quote.